The Sonicverse Website!Edit

Originally titled 'Planet Sonic' after establishment on July 7th, 2012. The fan-site was changed to the name, 'The Sonicverse' sometime in mid-July, 2013. Originally created by Shadow

The site's logo.

The Hedgehog (MartinSteeler), and shadowslasher11X.

Sewer56 helped with navigation and creation of ideas on the site.

Topic's on the WebsiteEdit

The forum topic's at the early days of the website stood at 13, ranging from website suggestions, Sonic fan chat, and Shadow The Hedgehog Media. Today, there's a total 29 forum topics. These covering, the site, Sonic The Hedgehog chat, Sonic Games, The Characters, Fan-Fictions, Roleplaying, Off-Topic's, and Game Creation.

Forum Staff (SEGA Forum names)Edit

-Shadow The Hedgehog-: Lead Admin, and Site Owner

shadowslasher11X: Lead Admin, and Site Owner

preez45: Retired Moderator

DaGamer14: Retired Moderator

sewer56lol: Moderator, promoted to Lead Admin.

teomares: Moderator

Wil348: Moderator

Forum RankingEdit

Thanks to forumotion, the website has a built in ranking system achieved through postings.

You can find the full list of ranks here .


Signatures made by Sonicverse members, all characters belong to their respectful owners.


The Sonic, Sonicverse forum signature.


The Shadow, Sonicverse forum signature.


The Knuckles, Sonicverse forum signature.

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